Mr.Sawat (Founder) , Grandfather

Ms.Somjit , Grandmother


       Over 60 years Kruawangthip manufacture and develop cheap and delicious cooking starch for Thailand. We establish from family own business to be a large scales cooking starch business. Our strength are experienced in cooking starch, good ingredients, honesty and develop new recipes.

Company Background

R.S. Domestic Trading Company Limited, manufacturer and distributer cooking starch, bread crumbs and chemical foods. We establish more than 60 years (since 1963). Mr.Sawat start business by sell Tapioca Starch and Big Tapioca Pearl in Song Wat area. Ms.Somjit like cooking for family both Big Tapioca Pearl and breaded chicken menus. Especially breaded chicken recipe is really tasty and not greasy. It’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Mr.Sawat got these breaded chicken recipe from his Hong Kong’s friend. It didn’t have any fried crispy flour in market at that moment. Mr.Sawat have develop the flour to be lighter, crispy for a long time and not greasy. He sold the best quality flour in market and he got very positive feedback from customers. Mr.Sawat and Ms.Somjit has expand business and create their own brand in market.

Kruawangthip is the specialist in cooking starch. We always develop variety formula to match with customer’s requirement. Our products are Tempura Flour, Fried Chicken Batter Mix, Seafood Batter Mix Flour etc.
We are succeeding in getting continuous progress by import modern machine for manufacture the high qualities products, safety as international standard. 

We sold our products both domestic and international market under 4 brands as follow.

Types of products are Tapioca Starch, Tapioca Pearl and Arrowroot Flour.

Types of products are Kanomchan Flour, Thong Yod Flour and Thai Coconut Pudding Flour.

Types of products are Tempura Batter Mix Flour, Fried Chicken Batter Mix, Seafood Batter Mix Flour,
Fruit & Vegetable Batter Flour, Corn Starch Flour and Bread Crumbs.

Types of products are Tempura Batter Mix Flour and Bread Crumbs.