Kanom Krok Roll

Ingredients for the Flour :

  • 500 g of Khanom Krok Flour
  • Fresh coconut milk 2,500 g.

Ingredients for Khanom Krok :

  • Mixed flour (Part 1) 2 tbsp.
  • 1,000 grams of fresh coconut milk
  • 300 grams of white sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of salt
  • Vegetables, taro, corn

How to make dough :

Step 1

Pour the Khom Krok Flour “Mae Somchit” into a container, gradually adding the coconut milk tail until it dissolves into a homogeneous consistency. Ready to drop into a powder

Step 2

Divide the flour mixture 2 tbsp. to make the face of Khanom Krok.

How to make Kanom Krok :

Step 1

Melt the flour divided in part 1 into the coconut milk. and add sugar, salt, and stir to combine.

Making Kanom Krok Roll :

Step 1

Heat the teflon pan until it's hot enough, then scoop water, Khom Krok flour on the pan.

Step 2

When the dough starts to boil, drop a little coconut milk on top. Choose corn or shredded spring onions as you like.

Step 3

When the dough is cooked, use a spatula, spatula or a flat spoon to gently pick up the Kanom Krok and roll it up nicely.